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Dorgard from Safelincs

Dorgard from Safelincs
Dorgard from Safelincs

Every care facility wants to encourage independent mobility of their residents but heavy, cumbersome fire doors restrict free movement. By law fire doors should not be wedged open. It is, however, all too tempting to do just that, wedge the fire door open to allow residents and visitors to move around with ease. This practice is illegal and will allow a fire to spread quickly through a care home, endangering the lives of residents, staff and visitors.

Dorgard solves this age-old dilemma. Fitted to a fire door, a Dorgard will hold it open legally. The Dorgard ‘listens’ for the fire alarm and, on hearing it, releases the door and allows it to close.

Fitting Dorgard to existing fire doors could not be easier since it is a battery powered unit, so no messy wiring is required. Your Handyman will be able to install a Dorgard in under 10 minutes.

To help your residents, who have a disability or impaired movement, simply fit Dorgard to your fire doors. The use of Dorgard ensures that you will not be prosecuted for breach of the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005, which could otherwise lead to a heavy fine or even imprisonment.

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Dorgard from Safelincs


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