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Boiler Hire Prevents Care Home Closure

89_0065-care-homeA Kent residential care home suffering complete boiler failure following periods of sporadic malfunctions faced the prospect of closure without the intervention of Andrews Boiler Hire.  Andrews engineering team quickly responded to assist the care home maintain comfortable standards by suppling and installing a highly efficiency portable oil-fire boiler solution, restoring warmth and hot water facilities to all areas of the home including all 22 bedrooms and community social areas.

Whilst new permanent boiler replacements were sourced and installed managers at the care home turned to Andrews Specialist Hire to supply a temporary heating solution from the Andrews Boiler Hire division.  They had previous experience of working with Andrews and valued their expert advice and fast response, hence they were the preferred supplier to avert a potentially disastrous situation at the care home.

A full site survey and risk assessment was carried out by specialists from Andrews Boiler Hire to achieve the best solution to the problem, ensuring that the temporary boiler would be supplied and installed in a manner with no risk to the care home residence.

Andrews Boiler Hire, part of the Andrews Sykes group, is ideally suited to providing a fast response to organisations suffering heating issues.  With more than 25 depots strategically positioned across the country; a dedicated team providing true 24 hours, 7 days a week and 365 days service, Andrews Boiler Hire has gained a reputation for delivering expert tailored solutions in less than 4 hours.

For the residential care home failure to introduce a temporary heating solution would have resulted in the home having to close, all 50 residence needing round-the-clock attention would have to be relocated, causing them unnecessary stress.

To resolve the issues being experienced, by Andrews Boiler Hire supplied a 250kW oil fired boiler, a 3000 litre fully bunded fuel tank, temporary boiler hoses and BSP connections.  Although the boiler was positioned adjacent to the main entrance of the home, thoughtfulness given to installation meant that full pedestrian access was maintained, no resident had access to any of the hoses or other parts of the boiler.  The fuel tank was also protected from access by non-authorised personnel.

The temporary flow and return pipework was run at a safe, high level into the existing boiler room via access hoses drilled through the wall; hoses were then connected to BSP connections already installed.  Successful commissioning meant that the system was able to restore heating and hot water to the home.

With heating restored to all areas, staff and residence all commented on how warm the home and centre is, they had been without adequate heating for so long they said they had forgotten how nice it was to be lovely and warm.

The impact of not installing a temporary boiler unit would have resulted in the closure of the nursing home, a stressful time for residences being relocated and an additional cost to the NHS.

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