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Audley Care Darley Dale Carer Wins Great British Care Award 2015

Audley_LogoAndrea James, a Community Care Assistant at Audley Care Darley Dale, has been honoured at the East Midland Great British Care Awards where she received the coveted Home Care Worker Award 2015.

The award was given to the care worker who consistently provided a high standard of support for people living in their own homes. The judges looked for evidence of excellent service, dedication and going the extra mile for clients. They also looked for examples of adaptability, respect for clients and continual learning and development.

Andrea has continuously gone above and beyond her normal duties to ensure her customers are looked after in a way that preserves their dignity, but equally encourages them to maintain a level of independence.

Andrea’s customers are effusive and feel that she is the best carer that they have had. They praised her willingness to stop and chat, and indeed laugh, with them, as well as her thoroughness and punctuality.

Paul Morgan, Operations Director, Audley Care, said, “I am delighted for Andrea. She is a dedicated, talented carer who embodies all the qualities that we try to instil in our carers at Audley Care, through the Audley Academy.

“Andrea keeps up to date with all of the training available through the Academy and undertakes regular specialist training, particularly where a customer has a need that she has not come across before.

“At Audley we know how rewarding a career in care can be. With the right training and working conditions, the opportunity to support people in their retirement years is truly worthwhile. Andrea understands this and is a real role model for others in the industry, maintaining empathy and respect for all her customers to offer a completely individual service.”


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