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Assistive Technology Provides Numerous Affordable Care Solutions

If you haven’t heard the term Assistive Technology (AT) before, basically, it is a term used to describe handy gadgets. AT can help with many care scenarios where alarms or alerts are needed. A good example is our new design Wi-Fi alarm switch. When the two parts are separated, an alert is sent to your Smartphone with date and time of operation. The switch is ideal for a door or window alarm and can even be used on a fridge, cupboard or medicine cabinet. Visit www.medpage-ltd.com and search Wi-Fi.

Medpage Limited have supplied AT for over 30 Years and are leading suppliers of Epilepsy and Senior Care products, specialising in falls detection and prevention. As a BSI registered company accredited to ISO 9001 & 13485:2003 for medical device manufacture, we are well placed to provide expert advice and products of high quality to help you with your caring needs. Visit our website or give a call on 01536 264 869


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