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Aromapersonal – Caring Products for People Who Care

The Aromapersonal range comprises professional grade cleaning, hygiene, odour management, protective personal and ‘spill clean-up’ products expertly formulated and perfumed to give a touch of luxury to surroundings.

The products help solve common problems encountered by carers, including bodily fluid spills and malodour. Combining the power and efficacy of professional grade hygiene products with premium perfumes and essential oils, Aromapersonal products are exquisitely scented and provide a touch of luxury to everyday tasks for carers and the cared-for. The result is a hygienic, clean living environment without any residual bleach or institutional chemical smell.

The extensive range comprises:

Direct to Floor Cleansing and Deodorising Formula £7.99/500ml

An effective and convenient way to clean and deodorise hard floors and a discreet and expedient solution to area specific spills or malodours. Professional antibacterial ingredients are expertly blended with powerful cleaning agents for a hygienic, speedy floor clean. No water or rinsing needed: simply spray onto the floor, wipe clean and dry.

Bio-Enzyme Odour Management Formula – £12.99/500ml

Expertly formulated to help manage the malodours and hygiene issues caused by bodily fluid spills on textiles, this product also maintains hygiene and a fresh scent in sink, bath and shower plug holes and wet room outlets where bodily fluid spills and faeces may have become trapped. Food and bodily fluid spills including vomit and faeces leave proteins embedded in the fabric or carpet which is why normal cleaning products fail to solve the hygiene and malodour issue.  Formulated with concentrated bio enzymes, this product breaks down and digests these proteins to minimise malodour.

Hard Surface Antibacterial Cleansing & Deodorising Formula – £7.99/500ml

A fragrant, effective way to clean and sanitise hard surfaces.  Simply spray on and wipe away with a dry cloth to leave surfaces hygienically clean with a beautiful natural citrus fragrance.

Nose Guard Aromatic Balm – £7.99/30ml

An aromatic balm expertly prepared to apply to the area under the nostrils to counteract malodour. Its fresh menthol scent, including tea tree and eucalyptus essential oils, is blended into a gentle base of aloe vera and beeswax.

Loo Guard £8.99/500ml

An antibacterial, fresh-smelling fluid expertly formulated to repel faecal splashes, stop faecal staining and minimise malodours whilst making cleaning easy.

Textile Cleansing & Hygiene Formula – £8.99/500ml

A professional formulation fabric cleansing and deodoriser spray with silver added to neutralise and protect against bacteria and malodours whilst delivering a fine perfume-standard fragrance which includes natural botanicals to relax the mind.

Absorbent Aromatic Granules – £12.99/1000g

Super-absorbent and aromatic natural granules for convenient odour management and clean-up of bodily fluid spills, including urine, diarrhoea, blood, vomit or food spills. Simply scatter generously over the spill to contain the malodour. Allow 1-3 minutes for the liquid to be absorbed then brush or scoop up for disposal. Also scatter them closely around the base of the toilet pedestal where spill accidents are common.

Aromapersonal also sells Dissolvable Laundry Bags, Charcoal Masks, Disposable Aprons and Disposable Gloves.



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