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Appropriate Seating Makes a HUGE Difference to People’s Quality of Life

The chest can open up to facilitate breathing, the head is supported in a comfortable position so communications is improved because eye contact can be made and it’s just easier to speak when you are not hunched over looking at the floor. Eating, drinking and digestion are facilitated, and, of course, there’s the simple pleasure of being able to sit comfortably in a supported position.

Many people have to spend a lot of time in bed because ordinary chairs and wheelchairs do not give them enough support, but with the right seating choice, a bedridden person can re-join their friends and family in daily life.

People with kyphosis and many elderly people sit in inappropriate chairs which do not support them. Their head slumps forward or to the side – chin to chest. Gravity can trap people in these destructive postures and can have some very damaging, sometimes life-threatening results.

The pictures below highlight which chair/seating position is the most comfortable and beneficial to aid posture. The HydroTilt is slightly tilted and Grandma is sound asleep in a safe, supported positon.

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