324412-Chicken-Broccoli-bakeApetito are committed to providing great food and great service, so that everybody can look forward to a delicious meal that supports their health and well-being. With menus featuring flavoursome home comforts including traditional Sunday roasts and fish Fridays, there is something for everyone to enjoy. We cater for diets influenced by illness, culture, religion, ethical choice, or personal preference. Our chefs prepare recipes alongside our dietician and nutritionist to ensure that everyone can enjoy the food they need.

We understand that enjoying a tasty meal with good company and conversation is one of life’s simple pleasures. That’s why we work with each care home in partnership to create a tailored programme which best suits the needs of its residents and provide an exceptional dining experience every day of the year.

What’s good for you is also good for our environment, thanks to our sustainable sourcing process. We proudly support the British food and farming industry, and are committed to buying ingredients that support health and wellbeing, and respect the environment.


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