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Announcing A Better Way To Monitor For Falls

When monitoring for fall risk, use an intelligent sensor pad that works below the mattress. The STEALTH™ Under Mattress Sensor Pad from Turun UK Ltd is more comfortable for your  residents. Because there is no direct contact with patients, it helps lower infection risk and does not interfere with treatment of pressure injuries.

The Stealth™ UnderPad™ Sensor is easier for staff with better comfort, infection control and tissue viability for patients.

Benefits of Stealth:

Because it is under the mattress it is:

  • More infection management friendly
  • More tissue integrity friendly
  • Patients are not disturbed by frequent repositioning of the pad
  • More comfortable for patients because it is not under the sheets
Increased Productivity & Efficiency for Staff:

  • Reduces nurse calls from patients discomforted by above mattress pads
  • Requires less handling by nurses; reduces risk of breakage
  • Helps facilities reduce infection risk and meet infection control standards
  • Disinfected on the same cycle as the bed frame
  • Frees up time for better individualised patient care
 The Stealth Under Cushion Chair Pad is also available.
For further information on all of Turun’s products, visit www.turun.co.uk or email info@turun.co.uk

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