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All Your Waste Issues Handled by Jalkin

ad_a5_01Have you truly considered how human waste can impact the efficient running your site, from start to finish? At Jalkin we are delighted to be launching an end to end proposition specifically tailored for the care environment, focusing particularly on immobile and incontinent residents, waste handling, cleaning protocols and processes, associated infection control management right through to drainage, treatment and disposal, where you pass the responsibility for your waste on to a third party. Whether that is the Environment Agency, your local Water Company or a Waste removal organisation, the Jalkin team bring relevant experience.

This end-to-end approach has been successfully trialled with tangible metrics focused on the cleanliness of the resident’s and staff environment as well as fundamentally reducing related day to day costs.

We have put this package together based on closely listening to the needs of our customers and have been pleasantly surprised by the response to date. Addressing the whole human waste path from start to finish not only brings typically unseen economical efficiencies but also supports our customers to addresses many of the environmental and compliance issues that are more and more stringent, particularly with the introduction of the 2020 drainage and discharge requirements that require prompt attention across the country.

Call 01989 763131 or visit www.jalkin.co.uk for details.


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