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Alice In Wonderland Becomes A Permanent Fixture At Godden Lodge

Artistic Residents at a Benfleet care home proved that ‘it’s always tea time’ when they created an Alice in Wonderland themed graffiti board.

The artwork was produced by staff and Residents at HC-One’s Godden Lodge as a way to remember the brilliant day had by all at a Mad Hatter themed tea party for Care Home Open Day.

Residents were encouraged to share their memories of the tea party and took an active role in choosing the colours and accessories that they wanted included in the design.

As part of the project, care home staff invited in visitors to contribute to the artwork, which has now been weather proofed and sits on display in the grounds of Godden Lodge.

Corin Ridout, General Manager at HC-One’s Godden Lodge, commented: “The Grafitti board was a small idea at first.  With the love and attention of Residents, Staff and Visitors who contributed their skills and time, it became a realised project of which we are really proud!”

In addition to being a fun and interactive activity, the crafty task allowed Residents to relax, hold conversations, reminisce and improve their circulation and joint movement with painting.


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