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Air-Freshening Solutions for Care Homes

An environment that is clean can only be enhanced when there is a pleasant ambient fragrance present. Clean and fresh smelling surroundings provide a pleasing and welcoming environment, not only for the residents, but also, the visitors. A pleasant smell affects health and mood, positively.

Healthcare institutions and care-homes need air-care solutions that work instantly on removing odours without affecting the wellbeing of patients and staff.

FDT’s Oxy-gen Powered range of air-freshening systems are designed to counter these tough issues. The system eliminates malodour, while emanating beautiful, fresh-smelling fragrances into the air. It uses a patented medical grade technology to deliver fresh scent and control odour.

It has been proven that Aerosols and hand held sprays which are readily available and widely used in this market sector, can trigger allergic attacks. This is caused by the particulates that are created when these options are used a potential solution.

Oxy-gen Powered systems, however, do not create particulates. The dispenser uses pure oxygen to deliver pure fragrance molecules into the air.

Oxy-gen Powered cartridges are REACH, IFRA and CARB compliant and therefore have been screened for any allergens. The proprietary odour neutralising agent, Neutra-lox eliminates malodours instead of masking them. This means care homes can ensure a cheerful and pleasant smelling environment, without worrying about any harmful side effects.

Unlike aerosols, the Oxy-gen Powered cartridges do not contain any CFCs, have no added VOCs or propellants and are 100% recyclable.

Currently the Oxy-gen Powered range consists of innovative products like VIVA!e, SHIELD and Oxygen-Pro, that target odour-elimination and fragrancing for different industry sectors.

All these products use patented Oxy-gen Powered technology, a clean source of power, to produce continuous levels of intense fragrance that contain no propellants, solvents or CFCs – just pure scent. Oxy-gen powered cartridges are available in over 25 fragrances available across a wide range, tested for popularity, including marine, floral, citrus, fruity, designer and oriental scents.

VIVA!e dispensers are stylish, compact, easy to install and operate and are available in a variety of colours to suit any decor. VIVA!e is a Carbon Footprint approved product. In an independent process the product has been assessed and verified for emissions and energy consumption and was found to have a significantly lower carbon footprint compared to aerosol products in the market.

SHIELD, an anti-vandal dispenser has been designed with style and protection in mind. Its smooth contoured design makes it difficult for vandals to grip and tamper with the dispenser, particularly when positioned at height. It is made of robust stainless steel for added strength and comes in a variety of colours to suit each room and décor.

For further information, please call: 01270 766676, email: fdtuk@oxygenpowered.com or visit www.oxygenpowered.com


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