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A Clean Bill of Health For Your Laundry Service

Research has shown that nearly two-thirds of care home managers would like to make changes to their laundries. Many have highlighted the benefits of partnering with a laundry services provider. Here are three main benefits of using an outsourced laundry service:
Freeing up staff time

Almost half of care homes (46%) say that saving staff time is the biggest potential benefit of outsourcing their laundry services. Significant time, planning and physical demands are required to operate an in-house laundry service and outsourcing the washing, drying, finishing and packing can free up staff to focus on more important tasks.

Freeing up valuable space

A quarter of care homes say they have a need for more space for laundry. Whilst this might not be an issue in newer, purpose-built care homes, for older or converted buildings it can effect productivity and the ability to meet infection control best practice guidelines.

Outsourcing means that space is no longer required for any machinery, although cupboard space should still be allocated for clean linen, with a separate area for soiled linen to be held in adherence to Government guidelines CFPP01-04 on linen decontamination.

Reducing costs and hassle

When asked about laundry problems, over 60 percent of surveyed care homes reported that machine breakdowns caused the most disruption to staff, owners and residents. As well as disruption, the impact of breakdowns on cost and time are significant. Additional linen purchases, parts and labour costs and man hours to fix the problem can all affect operating budgets for the entire home.

Outsourcing with a trusted provider, such as Berendsen, frees up staff time, creates space and reduces costs and maintenance issues, enabling staff to direct their energies towards the residents, not their laundry.

Learn more at www.berendsen.co.uk/care or call 0808 281 0310.


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